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  • Has your industry or business ever thought of participating in the smart home, smart energy or smart metering business?

    These verticals, the so called smart-x industries, require significant cross-domain integration in order to create more compelling value propositions and innovative smart living solutions. Big companies within these verticals often view each other as competitors and fight for the “ownership” of customers by promoting their proprietary ecosystems and standards. The resulting interoperability issues and plethora of alliances, interest groups and solutions are forcing interested parties to cooperate with multiple partners at the cost of seemingly endless integration efforts and countless business contracts.

    home-iX unchains your business from these burdens by offering a flexible platform and marketplace which simplifies and reduces the complexity of business relationships. This allows your company to focus on its core business while home-iX enables it to effortlessly enter the smart living market. With home-iX your company can achieve competitive advantages, new revenue streams, and increased customer satisfaction by offering a smarter connected lifestyle.

  • highly fragmented ecosystems

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to empower businesses and industries to take advantage of the smart living market by providing them with a suitable and flexible platform for easy integration.

    We believe that the success of smart living services cannot be driven by big companies or single industry sectors. In our view, the success of a cross-domain and customer-friendly smart living ecosystem can only be achieved with an open smart living & IoT platform which connects traditional industries - e.g. insurance, healthcare, automotive, entertainment and consumer products - to the huge potential offered by smart living systems such as smart home, smart energy, smart metering, ambient assisted living, and mobile health. As a neutral startup, we want to democratize the smart living market with open standards, sources and cross-domain services.

    home-iX was founded as a B2B startup in 2016 with the goal of enabling industries and businesses to fully participate in the smart living & IoT market. home-iX solves the interoperability issues between multiple smart-x providers and allows its customers to create new revenue streams across the smart living ecosystem.

  • highly fragmented ecosystems

Learn how home-iX lets your business participate in the Smart Living and IoT market


  • Our Platform

    Learn how our platform equips your business new capabilities

  • Our Specialty

    Interoperability is the key to running your business

  • Your success

    Learn how your business benefits from home-iX

Our Platform

An open, extendable “Smart Living as a Service"-platform and marketplace for industries and businesses to participate in the smart living & IoT market by empowering smart cross-domain services and enabling compatibility between smart-x ecosystems.


home-iX offers an open, neutral platform and marketplace which simplifies and reduces the complexity of managing multiple relationships between different partners by providing a single connection to the conUgate platform.
The platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure compatibility between smart-x ecosystems and enables industries, such as the automotive industry, to fully participate in the smart living market. It does this by allowing these industries to connect to, and orchestrate, ecosystems via a standardized, cloud-based B2B-platform using single point of contact.
By partnering with home-iX, businesses are able to launch end-user smart living solutions of their own by utilizing the flexible and modular microGate solution. home-iX solves the smart living interoperability dilemma with two distinct layers, microGate and conUgate, which provide an all-in-one framework & platform.

  • home-iX microGate
    microGate is a flexible embedded software framework with an extendable, modular plug-in architecture for device and protocol interoperability between solutions and ecosystems. It is a smart application container and gateway that enables fog computing, remote management and provides a wide range of APIs to deploy any IoT application. The framework enables companies to easily interconnect their products, devices or sensors and launch a solution for their own end customers. microGate provides businesses with a carefree smart living & IoT market entry.

  • home-iX conUgate
    conUgate is a B2B business platform built with the primary purpose of connecting industries and service providers from the key smart living segments - e.g. smart home, smart energy, smart grid - with other verticals such as insurance, automotive or medical, to enable smart cross-domain services and transparent service management by our cloud-based and containerized platform. Your company focuses on its core business, participates in the smart living & IoT domain and contributes to the marketplace by a hassle-free pricing and contract model.

Future cross-domain services for Smart Living require a flexible and specialized solution
  • automotive focused

    B2B-Focus & Automotive Specialization

    Seamless Car-2-Smart Home solutions for automotive OEMs. home-iX allows OEMs to connect to all Smart Home providers, both at home and in the cloud, by acting as an aggregator.

  • Open IoT Platform

    Modular Smart Living & IoT Platform

    Open, flexible AI platform for B2B-Partners to participate in the smart living market. home-iX empowers cross-domain services and enables interoperability between smart-x cloud ecosystems.

  • White Label Solution

    Re-Brandable & White-Label

    White-Label solution with no visibility of home-iX branding at customer touch points. Our B2B-Partners keep their valuable end-customer interfaces and thus, brand and product loyalty.

  • Vendor Neutral

    Vendor Neutral & Technology Agnostic

    Vendor and protocol agnostic Smart Home platform for a future-proof device and protocol strategy which solves interoperability problems between ecosystems.

  • Privacy

    Security & Privacy by Design

    Security, privacy & protection of personal data are designed into the core of home-iX solutions. We use state-of-the-art methods for encryption, identity management and regional data hosting.

  • Adaptable Framework

    Ecosystem & Cross-Domain Integration

    Adaptable framework with a unique integration approach into existing digital ecosystems of B2B-Partners allows you to keep customer ownership and relationships.

How you benefit from home-iX as an OEM or B2B-Partner


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    Seamless All-In-One Solution

    By partnering with home-iX, B2B-partners are able to launch an end-to-end smart living solution with a single, user-friendly interface for their own end-user business.


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    Freedom of Choice in Partnering

    B2B-Partners of home-iX benefit from a simplified single interface, and enjoy the freedom of choice of smart living partners and cross-market services.


  • Benefits logo3

    Interoperability & Homogenization

    Companies and B2B-Partners avoid the headache of dealing with the vast amount of heterogeneous smart-x ecosystems and the continuous interoperability challenges.


  • Benefits logo4

    Aggregation & One standardized API

    home-iX serves as a single point of contact and integrator between multiple service providers. Partners need only access one well defined API to reach multiple, diverse markets.


  • Benefits logo5

    Future-Proof Device & Product Strategy

    home-iX enables an agile and flexible partnership program design to support connectivity between existing and future products to the conUgate platform. This allows home-iX partners to easily deliver smart living ready products to their new and existing customers.


  • Benefits logo6

    Full-Stack Customization

    Our white-label solution is never visible to your customers. Your brand, product and services remain the face to the customer, keeping your brand loyalty intact.


Your Benefits at a glance

    • Plus logoComplete and cost effective smart living integration of your new and existing products or services.
    • Plus logoReduce time-to-market with our turnkey solution.
    • Plus logoCreate additional revenue streams by breaking into new markets under your existing brand name.
    • Plus logoExpand your product portfolio and meet modern customer's expectations.
    • Plus logoEnjoy recurring revenues each time your customers purchase new "Integrations & Plug-Ins".



    • IoT Capabilities: Smart Living as a Service (IoT gateway and backend)
    • Time-to-market: Your smart living needs addressed quickly with our ready-to-run platform
    • Security & Privacy: B2B partners maintain complete "ownership" of their customers and their customer's personal data.
  • benefits
  • One Partner, multiple Integrations & X-Ecosystems

    Customers demand a smart and digital lifestyle with an always-connected environment at home or on the go. Our multi-layered, IoT-based platform for Smart Living keeps pace. The flexible architecture and the extendable integration concept of home-iX offers a neutral and open “Smart Living as a service” approach that solves the interoperability issues between proprietary ecosystems, industries and smart-x partners by introducing both a cloud-based and gateway platform. Your company focuses on its core business, participates in the smart living domain and contributes to the marketplace with a hassle-free contract model. With home-iX as single partner your company gains access to unlimited smart cross-market service opportunities and ensures that your product or service addresses the highest possible number of end-consumers.

    An excerpt of possible Integrations*

  • home-iX integrates amongst others
    Finally, we integrate your own products & services into the digital ecosphere of Smart Living.

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Our Team

Behind all great visions and ideas are passionate people


  • Mehmet Arziman
    Mehmet Arziman
    CEO & Co-Founder

    Mehmet oversees all the business aspects and is responsible for the vision, goals, and strategic direction of the company. He is well-experienced in the areas of Smart Home & Telematics and has worked for several years as a Project Manager for strategic Mobility & Connectivity projects at FleetBoard, moovel & Mercedes me (Daimler AG), as well as Porsche Connect & E-Mobility (Porsche AG). As former Innovation Manager, he brings embedded, cloud & digital services skills paired with visionary ideas to the team. He is a certified Security (CISSP) & Agility expert and also contributes to the widely known openHAB smart home project, and is one of initial founding members of the openHAB Foundation.


  • Heiko Scholtes
    Heiko Scholtes
    COO & Co-Founder

    Heiko oversees the ongoing business operations and manages relationships with partners. Heiko has great know-how in leading agile development teams and has worked for several years as a Project Manager for major Connected Car and Mobility projects at Porsche Connect (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG) as well as Mercedes me and moovel (Daimler AG). With more than 12 years experience in the IT industry and a former IBM lab-service consultant, Heiko brings R&D, business integration & technical middleware skills to the home-iX team. He is a certified IT- & Agility specialist and has received international recognition for his work as a consultant at IBM Lab Service.



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